The Seven Fifty Wine Growler is one of the most fun travel accessories we’ve come across in a while. The 750ml growler fits an entire bottle of wine, and does so without you having to lug around dangerous glass bottles. As Fifty/Fifty Bottles explain themselves, this means the bottle is eminently usable for a range of activities:

Backyard BBQ’s
Casual day hikes
Trip to the beach
Outdoor concerts
Camping trips
Relaxing poolside

Anywhere you might not to tote a glass bottle, the growler makes a perfect travel companion. Moreover, the lightweight growler utilizes double-Wall technology, preventing condensation and keeping your wine at optimal temps for as possible. Like your red wine right at that perfect 60 degrees? No problem, even on a hot day, the growler can keep a consistent temperature for several hours.

And there’s nothing to say you have to pour just wine, why not mix up some sangria or your favorite cocktail – the growler will accommodate your libation of choice just as happily.

Seven Fifty wine growlers

Seven Fifty wine growlers

Dimensions: 2.75 inches L x 2.75 inches W x 11 inches H

The 18/8 stainless steel growlers are 100 percent recyclable and also come in ten fun colors:

Chardonnay Silver
Champagne Gold
Pearl White
Shiraz Red
Pinot Noir Black
Pearlescent Purple
Pearlescent Pink
Rose Gold

If you’re looking for something that mixes an appreciation of the outdoors with a love of wine look no further than the Seven Fifty Wine Growler.

Images by Fifty Fifty Bottles. Review copy provided for free by company.